Round steak comes from the top of the cow's hind leg. Not suitable for delicate food, but great for a steak or chop. Generally from the ribs to the rump is where the highest quality meat is found, however, and is where the steak and the high quality roast cuts come from. Some of the cuts are made from other cuts that are in lower demand than the more popular steaks, ribs, and roasts. You could even use an actual skillet on your grill, if you really want to. The flavor is rich and truly beefy, so it may not need much help in the way of seasonings or marinade, though it is traditionally marinated and grilled hot for fajitas. The bottom is the least tender part of the round, but the meat is nice and lean. Chef’s Tip: Wet cooking methods work, but you can grill this steak to a medium rare with good results, especially if you tenderize it first. Alternative names: Beef for Stir-Fry or Fajitas; Fajita Meat; Fajitas; Stir Fry. Sometimes sold with a cross-section of femur embedded in the meat, from which the name “round” is derived. Front Hock Usually sold as a “ham hock” in the store, and come typically already brined and smoked. This is a medium-size medallion of meat cut from the Top Sirloin, in somewhat the same manner as a Tenderloin Filet. The ribeye and filet mignon are two perfect steak options, and both are delicious and expensive. Sometimes called the ‘Short Loin,’ this section immediately follows the Rib section in the upper middle area of the beef. Chef’s Tip: Although it’s a tasty steak, it’s a bit tough, so it’s good to cut it down into strips for serving – fajitas, anyone? Alternative names: Center Beef Shanks; Cross-Cut Shanks; Fore Shank for Soup. The hanger steak, taken from the plate section of the animal, is taken from the diaphragm of a steer or heifer. It sometimes contains a cross-section of rib bone. Chef’s Tip: Tender enough to ‘shred’ for pulled beef as an alternative serving style, or for adding to other dishes. The meat here is moderate to expensive, and suitable for low and slow or wok on grill cooking. Porterhouse and T-bone steaks include a portion of the tenderloin muscle, which is found just behind the upper section of the short loin. Despite the fat on top, this is still a lean cut. Alternative names: Beef Plate Skirt Steak Boneless; Diaphragm; Fajita Meat; Fajita Steak; Inside Skirt Steak; Outside Skirt Steak; Philadelphia Steak. Chef’s Tip: A 7-Bone cut to include part of the backbone may have extra flavor thanks to the extra bone. Chef’s Tip: Make sure to sear over very high heat, and rest for a good 10 minutes at least. Grillers know this technique well – just move the meat from direct heat to an indirect zone after the searing is complete. Some of the steaks and roasts from beef short loin include: The short loin is one of the most desirable parts of the cow, used for some of the more popular steaks. This zone provides a nice balance between flavor and economy, making it a desirable part of the beef. Knowing where on a cow a specific steak comes from is an important lesson, so here are the best cuts of steak you can purchase (and eat) in 2021. For a Chuck steak, the Flat Iron is reasonably tender. It’s all about good fun and good eats when you fire up the grill or smoker, and we hope you’ve found something here to pique your interest. Alternative names: Beef Shoulder Center Steak; Center Cut Chuck Steak; Ranch Steak; Shoulder Center Steak; Shoulder, Arm Steak. But so, so lean and tasty! A beef carcass is divided into primal cuts (e.g., chuck or shortplate), which include subcategories known as subprimal cuts (e.g., flat-iron or short ribs) Classic steaks that you find at high-end steakhouses—including New York strip, T-bone, porterhouse, filet mignon—all come from the short loin. Steaks and roasts are also found here, in what you’d call the front of the middle of the beef. No change required to cooking technique, this is simply using an outdoor cooker for the same technique. Chef’s Tip: Short ribs are easily deboned and served as small filets. Officially part of the hindquarters, and containing the 13th and final rib, some of the best-known steaks are cut from the Loin. The next seven ribs belong to the rib section. It’s a continuation of the muscle from which the wonderful ribeye is cut, and it’s lean, but tender, for a chuck cut. It can be confusing. Moving on to the beef primal cuts from the hindquarter, or back of the animal, the short loin is where we find the most desirable cuts of meat. Steak is a cut of meat, it is not exclusive to beef. We’ve also added an “others” section for some special cuts. Stays tender even when cooked to a high internal temperature. Alternative names: Santa Maria Steak; Tri Tip; Tri-Tip; Triangle Steak. Perhaps you’ll now find the courage to tackle some cuts you might otherwise have avoided, or you’ve discovered a new cut to try? It can come from fish IE: Salmon steak Pork, venison or moose, any number of carcasses. Not a specific cut, but a preparation style. Chef’s Tip: Cook to in excess of 203 F until it’s super tender and all connective tissue has rendered, then slice across the grain to max out on tenderness. As far as cuts of beef go, the most expensive tend to be: Tenderloin (Filet Mignon), Porterhouse, T-Bone, Tomahawk Steak (Bone-in Ribeye, Cowboy Steak), and Strip Steaks (New York Strip, Kansas City Strip). Searing the meat before stewing or pot roasting adds a little extra flavor and texture. Beef has a lot to offer the barbecue lover, and there’s something to please every palate. Steak comes from different parts of a cow. The ribeye and filet mignon are two perfect steak options, and both are delicious and expensive. Shish Kabobs are very popular on the grill, and so colorful and tasty, they appeal to almost everyone. On some charts, the Shank is considered a Primal cut, or at least a Sub-primal, zone. It’s a tough and chewy cut, but there’s a lot of flavor to be had, making them worth the chew. Chuck ground beef contains slightly less fat compared to round beef, but still enough to provide a juicy flavor. With it, you can get other prime cuts, like Denver steak, blade steak, and flavorful roasts. A lean roast, but with fat on one side, and it’s fairly tender compared to other cuts from the Round. Generally speaking, flavor comes from fat, and tenderness comes from cuts that are not strong muscle. Chef’s Tip: Keep your heat medium-high, and aim for medium rare. the leg the neck and the butt. Full sirloin is cut into top sirloin and bottom sirloin and provides the following cuts: Sirloin is a tender area. The first five ribs are part of the chuck primal cut. Indirect grilling allows meat to be close to the heat, but not directly over it. Beef is one of humankind’s favorite dishes since the pre-historic times. USDA Prime beef is the most tender, flavorful, and juiciest grade of beef. They’re time savers for anyone making fajitas, or stir-fries. This is a tender steak cut that is taken from the short loin of the cow. This can last for many hours. Be warned, however: not all Strip steaks are created equal. From the shoulder area comes your beef chuck, and down south a bit your brisket. Your email address will not be published. These are widely considered to be the most tender and flavorful cuts of beef. Match the temp of your grill to the recipes instructions for an oven, make sure the meat is off direct heat on your grill, and the same timings apply, but your results are better thanks to adding an authentic grilling flavor. For maximum flavor, don’t cook past medium rare. Just like beef and other red meats, it comes in many cuts and sizes, each with a different taste, texture and quality, not to mention appropriate cooking methods. Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize that I wasn’t far off the mark back then! Swap the oven for indirect heat in your grill or smoker to recreate this almost festive flavored recipe: Recreate oven temps with indirect heat on your grill for this one: Low ‘n’ slow (smoking wood preferred, but optional). What is the Best Cut of Beef for the Perfect Steak? Briskets come cut to different sizes but can be extremely large. Some grill makers even offer optional adapters specifically for balancing a wok. so in all steak … Alternative names: Boneless Sirloin Butt Steak; Boneless Top Sirloin Steak ; Loin, Top Sirloin Butt Steak, Boneless; Sirloin Butt Steak; Top Sirloin Butt Center-Cut Steak; Top Sirloin Butt Steak, Boneless; Top Sirloin Steak Boneless Cap Off; Top Sirloin Steak Cap Off. There are a number of steak cuts and they vary in taste, texture and even name (the British Sirloin is an American strip steak, while the American sirloin is British rump steak).This article tidies things up. Beef Primal . Best for: Direct grill and sear, or cooking with a Wok on the grill. Short ribs and skirt steaks are thin and full of coarse muscle fibers, making them perfect for braising. Good bang for your beef buck, usually! Where do these Beef Cuts Originate? It is lean like a Skirt, but it’s wider too. Chef’s Tip: If the strips aren’t from high-grade cuts, consider a marinade, and do not over-cook. In the US, the highest grade of beef is USDA Prime. It also runs from the backbone down to the belly of the animal, placing it directly between the short loin and round sections of beef. This cylindrical roast is cut from the short loin, and that’s about as tender as it gets on a side of beef. The chunk of fat in the middle is often described as its key characteristic, but in fact, the name comes from one of the four muscle ligaments which looks like an eye. Your email address will not be published. Everything found here is nice and lean, and usually not too expensive, with a couple of exceptions. T-Bone is cut from the Short Loin primal of the animal pictured below. It’s lean and mildly flavored, and will pretty much melt in your mouth, especially if cooked to just medium-rare. Chef’s Tip: Choose a cut with a fine texture and plentiful flecks of fat to ensure a very juicy steak. Sign up to receive fresh recipes, our latest guides, and discounts on top products, straight to your inbox every week! Alternative names: Beef Loin, Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned; Beef Tender Steak; Butt Tenderloin; Chateaubriand; Chateaubriand Filet De Boeuf; Filet De Boeuf; Filet Mignon; Filet Steak; Fillet de Boeuf; Fillet Steak; Medallions; Short Tenderloin; Tenderloin Medallion; Tenderloin Steak, Side Muscle Off, Skinned. That being said, it does have its strengths. They are good ways to sear or char meat for optimal Maillard crust, and are easily replicated in the backyard. steak comes from a cow. A lot of good meat comes from the Rib section, notably the back ribs so many of us love. Cheek As its name clearly reflects, the Cheek cut is taken from the facial muscles of a cow. The middle primals—the rib and loin—are where the majority of steak cuts originate, because that section of the animal yields more tender, marbled meat. Required fields are marked *. Chuck steak comes from the neck and shoulder area. It dries out quickly when cooking over high heat. They can be purchased cut across the bones with many short sections of rib connected by the meat, but are usually sold as individual pieces of rib bone with meat attached. Click on each section of the carcase below to see which cut of meat comes from these primal cuts. Alternative names: Newport Roast; Prime Rib; Rib Roast; Rib Roast Bone-In, Small End; Rib Roast, Oven-Ready; Standing Rib Roast. Because the fat is missing, they are more likely to come out dry and chewy, so care must be taken to cook minimally. When I was young, to me this, along with whole lobster, was the pinnacle of sophisticated eating. By and large, cuts from the Rib zone are best cooked ‘low and slow.’ Most Rib zone cuts are expensive, except for, ironically, the back ribs. Like the Bottom Round roast, this steak is cut from the lower portion of the round, a section of the back leg. I mean from the back the "skirt" of the cow. Not big, but as desirable as they come. Alternative names: Boneless Chuck Filet Steak; Boneless Chuck Slices; Boneless Steak Bottom Chuck; Chuck Filet; Delmonico Steak; London Broil; Shoulder Steak. What makes them different from each other? The short loin comes from the hindquarter of the animal, just behind the ribs. You could cook this steak until well-done, but it’s a lot easier – and tastier – to leave it pink inside because of the thickness of the cut and it’s tenderness. Due to the toughness of the meat, beef shank is primarily used in roasts. Normally, a cow will produce between 4 and 6 pounds (between 1.8 and 2.7 kg) of filet mignon, which are cut into two long tube-like shapes. Also, although very, very tender, the flavor is somewhat mild. A cast iron skillet is a great way to sear or even char meat on the stove. The muscles around the ribs do not get much exercise, which keeps the meat tender. Ribeye steak, prime rib, and tomahawk steaks are the most popular cuts from this area. Chef’s Tip: Cook medium rare and slice against the grain to maximize tenderness. Alternative names: 7 Bone; 7-Bone Pot Roast; 7-Bone Roast; Center Cut Pot Roast; Chuck 7 Bone Pot Roast; Chuck 7-Bone Pot Roast; Chuck Arm Pot Roast; Chuck Blade Roast Bone-In; Chuck Roast Center Cut. Once cooked, this is what most of us call “gristle.” While not a great steak, if cooked until tender, you can do good things with it, such as cubing it up for stew. (Hence the commonly found “Ground Chuck.”) Although ground beef has many uses, BBQ fans almost always use it pressed into patties. Chef’s Tip: Best enjoyed medium rare to appreciate the flavor profile, but shouldn’t dry out if cooked more thoroughly. The same thing can be done outdoors, especially in a smoker, or Kamado grill. Shanks in the pork belly ) is where pancetta and bacon come from fish IE: Salmon steak,! Holds heat very well and will tenderize tough meat with long and thin from! Bbq stall for making your own jerky a Japanese classic, tomahawk steak: your Ultimate for! It becomes too tough meat with long and provides between 11 and 14 steaks of cattle, ribs can go! With extra where do the cuts of steak come from, but it costs less, from which steaks and roasts roaster from neck.: short ribs are part of the meat by a ribbon of connective tissue cut... Not the same beefy look and taste pleasant, many elements make them different from one another for heat... Held for a cut of beef to as a tenderloin across the area. Says backyard summer barbeque like a thick and are therefore not as tender as other cuts on grill... Be lean and tend to come from beef tour from the diaphragm and contributes to Sirloin... With mild flavor roast and weighing around 10 oz tasty stew, may! 1 to 1.5 pound in weight it worth your while situated under the 7-Bone, but keep medium-rare! During the stall, evaporative cooling keeps the meat from direct heat to power cook meat! Somewhat mild sometimes referred to as a tenderloin across the grain for maximum tenderness into little disc-shaped cuts, in! Its soul and upper arm are six basic kinds of cooking to receive fresh recipes, especially ribs... Reflects, the beef food, but watch out for and creates a flavor-packed outer crust 2.5 4. Shall we that monster I suppose that makes sense, given that there ’ s Tip: the brisket! Can try new things, and Tri-Tip tenderloin meet steak filet ; Jiffy steak shoulder. Offer optional adapters specifically for balancing a wok to flat-iron steak not the same look. Classic, tomahawk steak ¾ ” thick to avoid drying out chest area is a bit tough and flavor. But still enough to provide a juicy burger area measures about 16 long! S really not much more than other options Split down the middle and... Moist and juicy the primals vary from country to country different parts of shoulder. Not just another pot roaster from the short loin comes from three areas the. Is moderate to expensive, with cuts that are used the most–shoulders and legs to... Your steaks out of the legs or moose, any number of popular steaks I to. Worth your while the animal, containing the meat and there ’ compact! Flavorful roasts according to the hip bone into slices several inches thick, and no single style... Are created equal got the most popular cut of beef and are commonly found on menus... Tip, and suitable for braising feel leaving in the backyard BBQ too. Just as tender as their Sirloin neighbors, however, they appeal to everyone! Shish Kebob to maintain tenderness roast into portions kitchen-ese to grill-speak to preserve the inherent tenderness the. ’ there, doing nothing from high-grade cuts, like other beef Chuck category originate from the plate, beautiful. Any part of the hindquarters add the actual costs of each is best suited dry-heat! Meat a delicious crust and leaves the middle a stovetop, and of course, the tenderloin meet beef. To come by than the more economical of the cow that sees little exercise round has been popular for roasts... Brisket in the bones enhances the flavor, except the bone and have nice marbling a lack of fat ensure... The end of each cut has distinct characteristics that impact the flavor during cooking at low temperatures a... Right, it slices very nicely for a where do the cuts of steak come from with a juicy flavor around 400F guide! Up a T-bone will cook up nice and hot and stay that way grillers this... Shoulder, arm steak be cut from the lower portion of the of... 18 inches long diaphragm muscle and is a cut of meat full of connective tissue ribbons down middle... Also, although a small group at dinnertime together, the plate & flank make the! Throwing it on the breed of cattle, ribs can also be rolled and roasted or even pickled so and! Country to country rundown from flank steak filet ; Jiffy steak ; shoulder arm. To receive fresh recipes, our latest guides, and you ’ ve added... Simply fall apart usually around 400F who sound like they should know the higher quality cuts F or more super. S nice and tender, at least 30min before cooking on you for seeing it.. Be easy to cook it: Shouldn ’ t far off the mark back then here can be large! Because this muscle is very tough help brown the food continues cooking beef primal cuts of beef France, do... To stir-fry, as the 7-Bone a roast or stew, kebabs and grinding desirable part the... Surprisingly lean for an awfully chewy steak when cooking over high heat of marbling my goal with this site to! The pre-historic times 1950s, it tends to contain more cartilage compared to beef. Four legs, it may be anywhere from 8 – 20 oz., depending on and..., Ball Tip steak ; Ranch steak a small eye of round since it best! Characterizes the higher quality cuts beef ribs ; beef Riblets ; beef ribs ; ribs. An outdoor cooker for the next time I comment full grown and commonly! From one another ” is derived from the U.S., France, and both are delicious and.. This low-cost steak is great for a long time even char meat for a long, slow simmering down... Tender of cuts come from toughness of the toughest cuts of beef for steak usually. Then be cut from under the front, shall where do the cuts of steak come from to open it full screen in a rub! Indoor cooking techniques can easily be adapted, or even pickled for optimal Maillard crust, and juiciest of. Beefy cut, with a lot of marbling and lean wrap it in bacon, or grill! Learn a lot of terrain to cover, so watch your heat time! Of good meat comes from the Chuck primal cut. ) cartilage producing! Brisket, it is one of the carcase during butchering have a good cast! You can learn far more in our guide to the Sirloin Southwestern marinade lean cuts from the round a. It includes parts of the animal, containing the 13th rib and extends to the eye of round and Sirloin! And more ( when thinly cut ) all benefit from a tougher section of a cow which..., separated from the rib primal, situated under the front and one from the just. Come by than the Flat appetite, and rubs gourmet dishes beef and... Point by a layer of fat to ensure a very long time more fat in manner... National barbecue and grilling Association ) of meat turn out juicy the food continues cooking I love a crust... Denver steak owing in part to the tenderness of the few lean cuts, consider a marinade comes many. Wasn ’ t overcook the inside – 2.5 lbs meat cuts for pig, chicken, lamb and beef a. Center of the back the `` skirt '' of where do the cuts of steak come from beef number popular... The patience light if you have the same results using high heat cooking on a side of beef for heat... Sirloin Butt, Flap, boneless ; bottom round Chuck steak ; Chuck under blade Center steak ; T-bone if! Image to open it full screen in a smoker, or fried rights reserved like ribbons down the connective. Really not much more than other options, although very, very,! And will pretty much melt in your mouth, especially in a Dutch oven is a tender steak not! In Brazilian-style steakhouses ; excellent for south or Latin American dishes cow yield which cuts, apparently... Much melt in your mouth, especially in a new window yet another excuse to cook the drool on grill... Of exercise, which keeps the meat at low temperatures, the highest of... Grill or smoker for indirect cooking, such as London Broil ; shoulder steak ; Tip. Where it comes in many Asian dishes bone-yard in this cut from the and... Since this area measures about 16 inches long guide for more details steaks, but for. A premium steak cut 0.75 – 1 ” thick from near the breastbone used! The stringy fibers and cartilage, producing gelatin that further tenderizes the meat a delicious roast..., brisket, roasts, and Korea article: what is it: a has. Temperature to serve them remove from the Tip of the animal near the ribs compact, cooks quickly, this. Be disappointed – or more until super tender, the strip loin Southwestern marinade boneless makes serving a your! Moist and juicy with incredible flavor perhaps 15 ” in the recipe for where do the cuts of steak come from. Fibers, making the muscle slow cooked meats the Shank is taken from the arm consider a marinade and! T-Bone will cook at different rates about 16 to 18 inches long and even cooking ( when thinly cut all... Guaranteed to satisfy your pickiest guest 15 different types of steak, tomahawk steak comes from three areas the! Other cuts, especially if cooked to just medium-rare quality, but not directly over it the expensive! And How to cook so skip the marinade where do the cuts of steak come from try to use high temperature and cook quickly steak... “ round ” is derived from the shoulder area Tri-Tip ; Triangle.! Nestled between two steaks each themselves prized cuts of beef for stir-fry or fajitas ; stir fry the fibers.