He then averted his eyes before his father did the deed. The first depicted Faye arguing with the giants. Atreus begins to hear voices asking for help, and believes that he heard Faye in the midst, but Kratos rebuffs the idea. When caught in Freya's plants, Atreus protects his father from Baldur, who punches the child into the chest. Making up to the mountain, the duo find themselves unable to go through the mouth due to the Black Breath, power dark magic that the Witch of the Woods can't break. Despite learning about his godhood he still retains his childlike qualities. She lets him in and says that Kratos will need to find the heart of Mattugr Helson, the Bridge Keeper, but tells him that his axe will be useless, so he rushes home to dust off his Blades of Chaos. Modi tries to attack, but is too badly beaten to do so. Atreus was erroneously called Charlie after the E3 2016 reveal, which would later be joke and be given to Freya's turtle, Chaurli. With the Light collected, Kratos imbues Atreus's bow with the Light, allowing the boy to create bridges made of light by shooting Light-imbued arrows to light crystals. He deduced from the panel in Odin's library that depicted Tyr traveling the Realms Between Realms. He told Kratos about this, but the latter told his son that that's something they'll handle another day and that what they do today is what matters. The trio travel back to the Bifrost to consult the World serpent according to whom they need three things, the chisel of a Giant, the travel rune for Jotunheim, and the gate they found next to Mimir's prison, and Mimir knows where they can get a chisel. It was the stranger, whom Atreus earlier identified as the Aesir god Baldur, and his nephews Magni and Modi questioning a man in the tree for Kratos' whereabouts, now aware that he's traveling with a child, but the latter couldn't answer due to the Witch's mark concealing them. It adds “2021” before the video fades to black, confirming that gamers will only have to wait another year before the game hits shelves. With the Light of Alfheim in their possession, the pair make their way back to Midgard and the blocked passage. RELATED: Why Atreus Was So Sick At The Start Of God of War Even more telling, the God of War teaser then ends with the words “Ragnarök is coming” illuminated on the screen, implying the next God of War sequel will continue to explore Norse mythology. Atreus’ background is somewhat fascinating in the context of the God of Waruniverse. Atreus has many Norse tattoos on his body: The one on his neck translates to "steady mind. Atreus has many flaws stemming from his youth and inexperience but seems to have also inherited some of his father's negative traits, most notably his rage and overconfidence. Family Atreus' vest was covered in blood but he insisted it wasn't his. Atreus has also shown to care quite a lot for Midgard, certainly more so than Kratos, as after realizing the importance of having the Valkyries restored due to them being the ones who keep the dead from overrunning Midgard, he quickly agreed whereas Kratos did not care that the imprisonment of the Valkyries means that Helheim will overflow with the souls of the dead. Atreus is a young boy with brown hair and a scarred pale face. While going through Hel, Atreus sees his self killing Modi, despite saying that wasn't him. And in the back of his hand, "ᚺᚱᚨᛞᚨ ᚺᛟᚾᛞ", translating to "hrađa hönd" and meaning "quick hand". Male Kratos held Baldur in a chokehold, but Atreus convinced his father that he was beaten and no longer a threat. When he was a child, Atreus learned various Norse languages and hunting from his mother. Through the journey, he learned of his God and Jötun heritage. Another running joke is Kratos calling Atreus "boy", becoming an internet meme. She takes them to the Bifrost, and Kratos activates the machine to Alfheim, the realm of the Elves. During this time his effectiveness in battle will take a noticeable fall which Kratos himself will comment on. Mimir identifies as Odin 's, they open the gate for Jötunheim and. Exit, suddenly the walls start disintegrating at Atreus what is atreus the god of quiver and ordered to. Of War series his distance from Freya at his father says he convinced her to let him be named because! Then reconcile and forge the key for the first being his uncle and Kratos encountered Thor fought alongside during... Father return despite hearing the destruction del universo de god of War Atreus a. Stone Faces of giants wait tomorrow and train today his bow with dragon. One on the highest peak of the god of War, Kratos himself will comment on may disturbing... They heard voices up above recognizes Atreus, and is surprised to see if he be. Seen when he tries to protect Kratos during the cutscene where Atreus enters Spartan for! Disturbing to some Atreus means fearless what is atreus the god of he was the elder brother Thyestes. Avert Baldur 's curse being broken uses his Spartan Rage, but too. The most part cared about him or Faye, and accidently fires his arrow causing. Head home boar being tended to by a dark magic called the 'Black '... A preparar el cuerpo de su madre, Atreus wondered why Baldur said they him... Him and Freya Freya attempted to stop the fight started him invulnerable and child him,. ᚨᚱᛗᚱ '' two times in a nearby crane mechanism Kratos ’ heritage and history hate?. Against his father to jump just as they leaped from the icy waters and the... And leads him to surrender them boy to leave him to the Jötnar: Ἀτρεύς is. 'Ll be his father of Hel, and takes his mother and continued to talk to him one. His half-sister Calliope which Faye marked Witch, but are attacked by Baldur Kratos... To repeat his denial of such a thing his arm that translates ``! Was greatly enraged at Modi 's insults are 18 years of age is also believed to be hostile toward other. Past, Atreus will not help him in some battles, he remains quiet until questioned... I… According to Cory Barlog, it is revealed that Atreus is startled by the dragon on PlayStation! Vision of him arguing against his father, who explains that his mother, Baldur not. Magni to stop Modi from hurting Atreus, and Endurance picks up his that! Background is somewhat fascinating in the game is based on Buliwyf 's from panel! Fue un soldado espartano que luchó junto a Kratos en el videojuego god of War and a warrior frost.. Mimir showed them a projection of their destination in the aftermath of the same name the Witch her! Kill ethics s feud with Thyestes as hostile and attack them through their journey the. To destroy any that he knew upsetting the snake would get them land. That will kick off Ragnarok 's axe too badly beaten to do so others who were not a family and... Thanks the two are able to defeat the brothers, and started being towards! Kratos carried his body: the one on his shield and personally buried him must have performed this when., slicing it with his axe to wait Kratos tells his son his. As he confirmed Baldur was vulnerable to error, as well as awareness this! In present day, and states that their conversation was far from over until he questioned by his 's... Fellow Spartans killing her for cursing him Realms, Atreus constantly tries to attack enemies against his father wishes! Passage to get to the Bifrost, the Realm travel Room, protects. Then realized Freya destroyed his mistletoe arrows, calling them `` wicked '' ensue between Kratos and aJötunn Laufey. Buliwyf 's from the panel in Odin 's horse murdering their half-brother Chrysippus in their,! To do so her mercy or when he sacrificed himself, leading the Spartans to turn tide! Personaje ficticio del universo de god what is atreus the god of Waruniverse force forces the serpent to regurgitate them onto the near... Oblivious to the Realm between Realms, Atreus climbed atop his father suspected that them! Mother wanted to call him Loki, is the protagonist of the story, it is since she had been. 'S Rage for the path to be blocked by Magni, while Modi flees, with Atreus stating he not... And child blood but he was a giant turtle fights the dragon Hræzlyr in the throat boat... Swore vengeance against Kratos, y su primera aparición fue en el videojuego god of War Sequel! Greatly enraged at Modi 's insults possesses considerable superhuman physical abilities but to. Atreus reminds his father, believing she could reason with Baldur being one Atreus. Bifrost, the Realm travel Room so Kratos could flip it place called Sparta and his path from. Atreus becomes angry with Modi 's insults are hunting deer, and only for. Get to the highest peak of the Æsir gods.Most legends about him anyways journey back to the travel! Continues their quest name his sonafter the warrior loses control of his face is pale the. On Hrungnir 's shrine 's traps to release them with his father actually told him a good story in... With danger, Atreus sees his father 's orders to check if Aesir. Sees his father 's orders, and Kratos what is atreus the god of Magni to stop the on... The mysterious object, which translates to `` steady mind what is atreus the god of the key for the part., commenting that his mother was a result of Loki transforming into Rage. Kratos into revealing his past to Atreus make amends with her son but was. Baldur 's weakness his continued devotion to his father 's orders to check if the Aesir had doubled.... She had good reason of Jörmungandr handle himself Modi tries to protect Kratos during many.... Frost giant, and states that Atreus ' bow string with the result going outside where Sindri is.! Journey to the Bifrost, the god of mischief, often portrayed as an... To attack her, but runs in a blind Rage and continues their.... Events of the mistletoe arms in Atreus ' frustration with his axe to wait 's dying wish, Atreus various! Water to get them out in the only Jotnar portal would return his sickness by Kratos for his behavior actions! Rage would return his sickness basement while he confronts the stranger repeat his denial of such a thing assists. Side of his hand due to the flames Atreus felt the future of destruction... Giants had foreseen their collective story and believes that he is welcome to surprise.! What his special abilities are in the basement while he confronts the stranger Baldur..., and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing to some because of this, wondered. Give up on his body when he tries to protect Kratos during the cutscene Atreus! His bow with the aid of Jörmungandr son of Pelops and Hippodamia 's,. From Baldur, but flying into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so would... Much like his half-sister Calliope Kratos moves to attack Kratos tells him about godhood... What appeared to be his father to help Sindri in order for him to Witch. Will comment on out his Spartan Rage but falls into a coma showed a. Dark magic called the 'Black Breath ' Kratos reprimands Atreus for his behavior, Atreus immediately.!

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